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Secretary of the Senate



Yolanda Dixon

The Secretary is elected by the members of the Senate in the same manner as the President. She is elected every four years following election of the President Pro Tempore. The Secretary advises the President, officers and members of the Senate on parliamentary procedures and the Senate rules. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Senate and attorney for the Senate. She is the custodian of all records, proceedings and actions of the Senate.
Other responsibilities include authenticating the journal: maintaining the calendars of bills, resolutions, and joint resolutions to be taken up and acted upon by the Senate; and causing legislative instruments to be printed and distributed. See Senate Rule 3.7 for other responsibilities.

Office of the Secretary 
Custodian of Senate Records
State Capitol Building 
Post Office Box 94183, Room B
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

How to Request a Public Record from the Louisiana State Senate

The Louisiana Public Records Law, La. Const. Art. XII, 3 and R.S. 44:1-41, grants any person a right to examine and copy public documents in the possession of the state and its political subdivisions, including the Louisiana Legislature.

The Secretary of the Senate, Yolanda Dixon, is the custodian of the records of the Senate.

All public records requests:

1. Must be in writing
  • Either through USPS or by e-mail to the Secretary (dixony@legis.la.gov)

  • 2. Must specify, to extent possible, the exact record(s) requested

  • The Secretary is unable to make presumptions regarding your request or fill in any blanks

  •   3. Must contain a return address, phone number, or e-mail contact.

    After the Secretary receives the request, the records will be compiled and the charges computed and the requestor will be notified of the charges pending.

    Copies of records costs $0.25 per page. This charge applies to electronic versions e-mailed to the requestor. If the records are to be mailed to the requestor there will be a $5.00 charge for postage. All charges must be paid in advance of the records being supplied. Payment should be made payable to the Louisiana Senate and mailed to, Post Office Box 94185, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804-4185 or hand-delivered to the Office of the Secretary of the Senate, Senate Basement, State Capitol, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Upon receipt of the payment due, the records will be supplied.


    1. No duty exists under law to create a record which is not otherwise created or maintained in the course of normal business of the Senate.

    2. Neither the Senate nor the Louisiana Legislature are custodians of the following records: Acts of the Legislature (Secretary of State); statutes and codes of law (public domain through your parish library); Governor's Executive Orders (Governor's Office); Governor's Proclamations (Governor's Office).

    3. Some legislative records are privileged pursuant to La. Const. Art. III, Sec 8 and the Secretary is required to review all requested documents to ensure compliance with this provision of law.

    4. The Secretary reserves the right to determine the method of record delivery as dictated by the volume of records requested and the form in which the original records exist.




    (225) 342-6184

    (225) 342-1140

    Louisiana State Capitol
    900 North 3rd Street
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804

    Mailing Address
    Louisiana State Senate
    P.O. Box 94183
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804


    Senate Rules of Order

    Questions and comments may be directed to websen@legis.la.gov
    Baton Rouge, Louisiana.